WhoCrashed Home Edition 4.01 Build 40131103 for Windows 10


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WhoCrashed Home Edition is a free and very useful tool for solving problems with sudden reset the computer, and the appearance of the blue screen of death (BSoD). BSoD is a symptom of a serious bug in the operating system, which may be the result of infection by computer virus, damaged system files, buggy drivers or applications, as well as damaged components With this software, we are able to locate the source of the error by conducting a thorough analysis and diagnostics file that is created automatically in the system folder (Windows / Minidump), when you see the blue screen of death or a sudden restart your computer. In addition, the WhoCrashed Home Edition analyzes other files saved in the. Dump, also created during the suspension of any application or computer game. After a thorough analysis, users can read the most important information about a system error. The program displays a detailed description of the error and the name of the file that caused the failure of the computer, as well as the full name of error and other parameters associated with the fault (including, without limitation: the value BugCheck). WhoCrashed Home Edition has a special tab, which displays all active files associated with drivers. It is also worth mentioning an additional tool that allows manual causing computer crashes, to research.